About Us

What We do

We Empower women to own land at a reasonable costs and flexible payment terms.Land for Women means livelihood,sustability,prosperity,social status and economic security.As the saying goes,”Empower a women and you will empower a whole village.”




Core Values

To empower the majority of women to the level that they are able to own their own land and be able to participate fully in economic activities through developing upcoming towns by buildinghouses,lodges,schools,shopping mall/Complexes and recreation center throughout Zambia.

To passionately empower women in property development by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

Providing Capacity building and Appropriate information,education and training to women in the field of,Agriculture Activities,Social and Economic Factors,Business Skills and Combat Poverty. Our Service delivery is all about being ‘aheadof the game in the Zambian property Market’ and thus proactive on any market / regulatory changes.Also to keep our clients at all times informed.

Namayo at works believes in the values of self-help, self -responsibility ,equality and solidarity.The founders believe in the ethical values of honesty,openness,social responsibility and caring for others.

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Our Team

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